About project

About project

under the patronage of:
the Mayor of Lodz – Hanna Zdanowska
the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in Poland
co-financed by the City of Lodz

The fundamental idea of this project is to create a permanent exhibition of street art in the public space in the city centre of Lodz. Exhibition, in majority, will be composed of large format pictures painted directly on side elevations of tenement houses in the city centre of Lodz. They will be created by prominent representatives of large format painting from all around the world. In the upcoming years project is going to expand with other street art objects like sculpture, installation, street jewellery etc.

In the end, within few years, a gallery of several dozen exhibits will be created. It will be possible to visit exhibits on foot within few hours. Considering the fact that location of the gallery is going to be a public space, we would like to make it attractive for each and every citizen of Lodz, not only for those directly connected to street art or with art in general. That is why we want to focus on emphasizing artistic aspects, leaving conceptual projects as they might become unclear for the recipients. Furthermore, we would like to present as extensive and diverse palette of artistic conceptions as possible through an appropriate choice of artists. We do not intend to restrict artists to any one theme, retaining standard and fundamental ethical, political and moral issues, that function in every society.

Project will be carried out in stages. First stage aims at creating 6 large format pictures painted by international artists, who created their own characteristic brand that is recognized by the most important art institutions all around the world. Moreover, we would like to create space and possibility to present the most interesting polish artists. That is why few paintings, in the whole project, will be created by the polish street art elite.

Street art unquestionably is one of the most powerful artistic movements in contemporary culture as well as in history of art in general. All around the world different street art festivals and overviews of the most important street artists are being organized, special publications with works of particular artists are being announced and street art itself became a subject of many social and sociological discussions. However, it is important to distinguish graffiti events, connected to hip hop subculture, and respectable artistic undertakings that present complex and multifaceted art. Large format paintings create compact and multidimentional pictorial compositions. Because of that, recipients are not only those connected to hip hop culture, or graffiti aesthetics, but considerably broader group of viewers who are not closely linked to this culture.


  • the City of Lodz
  • AOIA (Academic Centre for Artistic Initiatives)
  • Street Art Festival TROTU ART
  • Savoy Hotel Main

Main Sponsor:

  • Farby Kabe Polska sp. z o.o.


  • Opus Film
  • Rabeko
  • Riwal

Media patronage:

  • Gazeta Wyborcza
  • Polskie Radio Czwórka
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