A Little History of Galeria Urban Forms

Urban Forms Foundation was established in 2009. Our activities focus on a broadly understood urban culture, focusing on the organization, promotion and support of independent artistic, sporting and social initiatives.

We want to promote “living” culture and art directly to the public, allowing us to actively participate in events organized by us. We promote all activities in the urban iconic, which is a manifestation of artistic creativity but also a tool of social revitalization. Our goal is to create cyclical events in the urban space of Łódź, permanently changing and improving its quality.

Our main mission is to saturate Lodz urban fabric, creative, multi-dimensional, modern art that would greatly improve the present image of Łódź, giving it a truly artistic and original value. The main tool for this purpose is large-scale painting, created directly on the facades of buildings, which permanently changes the face of a given space.

Urban Forms Gallery is an original project of our foundation. This is a permanent exhibition of street art in the public space of Łódź. At present it consists of 30 large-format murals – murali – placed directly on the facades of buildings in the city center. They create an artistic trail accessible to all residents and visitors.

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