Things That Shouldn’t Be Done To Your AC According To Experts

Global warming and other contributing factors make summer hotter these days than a few years ago. This also means, our monthly electric bills will increase but do you know that there are simple mistakes that can damage your air conditioner? Apart from the fact that poor maintenance may also bring risk to your health such as it could trigger skin infections or nasal problems there are, however, few things you should not do with your air conditioner to keep you and your family safe.

  1. Neglect Changing the Filters

It is advisable that air conditioning unit filter should be changed every 3 months or best if you do it as often as once per month. This will incredibly shave off big energy consumption especially during humid days. You can replace the filter for as low as ten dollars, and other air conditioners do not need replacement of filters; only simple cleaning and it will be fine. If you forget these chores, the accumulated dirt will clog the AC which will result in poor performance of the air conditioner.

  1. Skipping The Annual Check-ups

Regular checkup and inspections of the unit are designed for early detection of defects through the manifested signs. When you skip its annual check-ups to save money, then you are risking spending more if there is already slight damage that should have taken cared of earlier. This might cause damage to properties so before you regret things, make sure it is running and functioning well.

  1. Setting The Thermostat At Super Low Level

If you are thinking of lowering your energy bills, then you should not set the thermostat at super low level. It always beneficial to your pocket and environment if you are decreasing the use of your air conditioning unit so if you think you can handle the higher setting of thermostat then do so.

  1. Not Having A Ceiling Fans

You might probably think you already had an air conditioner, so there is no need for any fan, but this conception is very wrong. According to experts, it would be best if there is a fan that could help the work of the air conditioning unit, so it does not own the sole burden of cooling the place. A ceiling is a perfect help your air conditioner needs especially during summer.

  1. Not Turning The AC Off When No One In The Room

Experts say that air conditioners tend to be less efficient when you do not turn it off when no one is around. This is because there is no heat air coming from humans that the air conditioner will convert so this will give extra burden to the air conditioning unit if it is working in the unsuitable environment and may cause irreversible damage to the unit in the long run.

If you want to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit, refrain from doing the things we have mentioned above. This way, you can enjoy comfortable benefits of the air conditioner for a long time before it will wear out. For more about aircon maintenance, visit aircon service malaysia.


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